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Thursday, June 30, 2011


Our torus figures, as above, so below, in the human energy field and the earth's magnetic field, eggs, etc.

See how the torus looks like a bead - some say a pearl of wisdom on a string.
Imagine this auric bead on the string/river Ouroboros.
When it moves on the river, it spins like a waterwheel, or two wheels - the right and left side awareness.

Just as the macrocosm goes through a procession of the equinoxes, so too is the auric bead moving
along a zodiacal Ouroboros.

More soon. I'll edit this and elaborate. I'm out of time. :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

dimensionality continued...

The mind is a dimension in itself. Every thought points to self.
The mind can be harnessed, programmed, reprogrammed, but there is no program
for stepping outside of thought/mind.
Thought cannot tell us who we are. It can only describe fragments, isolated from the totality.
The mind is a self-fulfilling reality - a reality that agrees with itself that it is real.
There are many rays or lines of mind that form the mental plane,
and that entire plane is but one line within another plane.

Some people speak of ego as that petty and self-important expression of the self.
Ego simply means "I". The grandest and most noble expressions of the self are still ego,
still defining a separate "I".
Thought, mind, self, ego, time, the past, knowledge... these are simultaneous co-arising.
Many are engaged in the work of refining the ego self, self-improvement or betterment...
becoming more this or that, more spiritual, more good, more loving, more knowledgeable, etc.
That is not bad or wrong - Jung comes to mind: "I'd rather be whole than good."
It is a matter of accurate seeing of what is: programming the self to emphasize the good
and de-emphasize the bad is still promoting a separate self, and it is this separation,
or sense of it, that manifests as the search, desire which leads to pain, etc -
The imaginary separate ego-self chasing its own tail: the human drama.

What isn't mind? The seeing of it.
What stops the mind? The comprehension of it. Saturation.

a wonderful poem

"The color of a thing is that one which, out of all the colors, it repels and cannot assimilate. High heaven refuses blue, returning azure to the retina. All summer long the leaves hold in the red. Charcoal gobbles all.

To our senses things offer only their rejections. We know them by their refuse. Perfume is what the flowers throw away.

Perhaps we only know other people by what they eliminate, by what their substance will not accept. If you are good, it is because you retain your evil. If you blaze, hurling off sparkles and lightnings, your sorrow, gloom and stupidity keep house within you. They are more you, more yours, than your brilliance. Your genius is everything you are not. Your best deeds are foreign to you."

- Paul Valéry

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

practical dimensionality

In what appears to be the average mode of mind people utilise, we have an array or field
of judgements and measurements to be made. Let's say on the far left we have wrong or bad
or incorrect, unacceptable or whatever, and on the far right we have right and good and correct,
acceptable, and many lines or degrees in between, something like this:

File:Animated Aston Martin Speedometer.gif

You can see the range of our measurements encompasses a 2 dimensional plane.

And when we change a judgement into something more akin to Oneness,
such as "It's all good", or "It just is", or "It is what it is", etc, we have reduced this 2 dimensional
plane of infinite lines into one line. We have resolved an entire world of judgements into Oneness,
Isness and acceptance.

This is one way to actually practice dimensionality in your life.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

the image of God

What do you think?
God/Elohim created man in his image?
or God/Elohim created man as his image?

a world of difference :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011


While I argue with the "science" of this...
(hydrogen is atomic mass 1 = Aleph, not Yod/10,
and oxygen's atomic mass at 15.999 has to be 16 = 7 = Zain, not Vav/6,
and what about Phosphorus - you can't have DNA without phosphorus!)
... I do see something to it - I have seen DNA as "God", creator, that which we return to on a certain level,
collector of soul experience, etc.

What interests me about this is that for the second time in my life of studying alchemy, it has lead me
into theurgy, this time from a different direction.

Another confirmation of this came from my study of Carlo Suares' works and his code for the autiot.
In the books you see that this One thing is always evolving according to the genesis of names, and
that it is always being challenged to adapt and be stronger, like DNA has to survive and evolve.

more later...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Developing X and Y

Y in ancient schools/Pythagorean was a symbol for "choice". One path splitting and branching into two
possibilities. There is a similarity between the Y and the gamma:

It's a section of a spiral:

The X manifests the cross as well as the diamond (between worlds) and the cube:

and the tesseract: