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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

crowns - part 2

I saw last night why crowns are often shaped like this:

And the fool/joker's hat:

American Indian headdress:

(remember: bird feathers = serpent/dragon/fish scales = tree leaves = mason bricks... etc.)

The points are diamond shaped (dia monde = between worlds) and essentially are mimicking
the lotus of the crown chakra.

The six pointed crown is especially significant as our sal harmoniac/asterix:

I've recently said a bit about this asterix, the cube, the three dimensions cross.
It also represents  the union of fire and water triads - our fiery water, shamayim, heaven.

Last night I saw this connection to the right and left side awarenesses of Castaneda. I'll
give this generic description for simplicity:

tonal (1st attention, known, right side awareness, left-brain)
nagual (2nd attention, unknown, left side awareness, right-brain)

So one can easily see these two (sides of the torus) as fire and water, and a merging or bridging of
the brains two hemispheres as shamayim (hebrew for fire and water, means 'heaven', quintessence...)

I've also been studying asterism in quartz and gemstones:

Also consider the diagram of an atom/Adam and the merkabah:

And back to the crown (chakra) which unfolds like a flower (of life):

If the circles are replaced with hexagrams, we have the mentioned diamond shape
(something like this):

I may lose some pics and have to come back again. We'll see.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

another Ouroboros

Tarot - Rota
The Fool is the meeting of the head and tail -
kind of an "ignorance is bliss" event.
No knowledge = no limitation.
On the wheel we return to this state but with conscious wisdom, opposed to unconscious,
but it really makes no difference whether it is conscious or unconscious to that state.
If conscious, one simply has access to the other states without following a linear evolution path
again to get there.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

alchemical meanderings

Sorry, I have some disappearing pics. Let's see if i can find some permanent ones...

I'm still searching for the pic that was here...

Sulphur, Mercury and Salt.

You remember this:

There are three "essentia" or principles. That is but one, the nitre. See the resemblance:

The salt torus would be horizontal, like this:

And the third manifestation would appear like this:

because you are looking straight into the vortex:

In some shamanic schools of thought, these are, respectively,
the above and the below,
the left and the right,
and the front and the back.

Remember to dimensionalize those glyphs into electromagnetic torus.

The three combined make the cube of space or cubic stone/salt harmoniac:

And the symbol Mercury: sun, moon and cross:

the appearance of direction in evolution

Do you ever think about whether evolution is going forward or backward?
(N.B. - by evolution, I'm leaning more to "evolution of personal consciousness"
and not evolution of the species so much, but all is connected)
It's always going forward, of course, but it easily appears backward sometimes when
our oneness is connecting us to plants, or rocks. You know what I mean?
Because to let go of the mind is to really simplify, and that simplification can be
compared (when the mind reappears) to being like a rock - just being, not thinking.
And all the "extras" fall away and you are stripped to the essentials, or quintessence.

If you've experienced that, then you may have also had the argument with yourself about
whether enlightenment or evolution is returning to some prior state/consciousness or
moving into something new and unknown.
Well, I have that conversation a lot, and I recently had some good answers/vision.

Both are happening, and I don't mean in parallel universes necessarily. What I mean is...
let me borrow a picture ...

So call the top of the triad Point Zero, or Source or Void or No-thing or whatever.
The arrow down on the left side is involution (in/towards mass) and the upward
arrow on the right is evolution (going back 'home'). If it helps in visualizing and comprehension,
place 7 horizontal levels inside the triangle, rainbow colors if you like, corresponding to
chakras and planes of consciousness and worlds.
Or use the Kabbalistic tree of life diagram... whatever you like.

So the Jacob's ladder you came "down" (or electromagnetic spectrum/lowering frequency)
is the same way "up" (raising vibrations/mass into spirit).
That's why it seems backward sometimes - because you have been there before. It's just new
to this personality, this particular cycle of involution/evolution.

Why is it like going backwards and becoming plants, trees or rocks or whatever.
Well, nature is vibrating in a "higher" consciousness than most people are.
So you're not getting dumber, but simpler. People generally collect and aquire all
kinds of stuff for their identity, and often have trouble letting go and moving on and making room
for the next new thing. Nature is more essential.

But the important thing to also realize is that humans are a spearhead of evolving consciousness
(DNA dreaming) and are meant to be able to be non-essential. It's not a bad thing.
It's just an unknown which has become known. So evolving, or going home, is not returning
to the Source with nothing (although it sort of is), but with stamps in your passport and skinned
knees and grey hairs, etc.

You see, an entity on the fifth plane that is involuting would be non-physical, an angel or something.
But an entity on the same plane evoluting has a body, or at least became physical for a time and
is now in the process of ascension/evolution. So you'll revisit the laws of that 5th plane, but you'll
feel different about them than angels do, because you have 4, 3, 2, and 1 under your belt as well.

In short, a Christos is anointed - has become human and went back up the spectrum through ascension.
I'll talk about this some more, but I'm out of time for the moment.

a "mantra" exercise

Here is another good exercise or option.

I kind of make my "mantra" "How do you know?".

By mantra, I do not mean mindless repetition or chanting, or even mindful chanting,
but rather mindful observation and what Castaneda would call "stalking oneself".
So the mantra part, the words, are the trap or alarm clock one sets to snare the hare,
i.e. catch a habit/rabbit, an unconscious mechanical doing/assembling.
Ok, back to the exercise:
I kind of make my "mantra" "How do you know?".

Which means, when I am observing myself placing attention or fixating on a description as real,
I catch myself and say, "How do you know that?". And the answer always is that I don't.

This exercise is called 'walking the razor's edge', or the straight and narrow (opposed to extremes,
swinging, emotional investment, etc). By not knowing, things and yourself become undefined
and a lot of the past can be dropped and room made for the new and more energy available to
handle/maintain/endure it. This "attitude" or "dreaming platform" opens up obstructions caused by
knowledge, believing and doing.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011