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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

corroborating post

I posted this back in July:

I tried to relay the three principles as axis of a cube or three dimensions using the
glyphs of nitre, salt and gold.

Anyway, today I came across this. It does a better job conveying what i wanted to say. :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

the art of being human

I've been thinking a lot about what a human being is.
We don't meet many humans anymore - it is always the personality,
the ego, the mask - some adjusted, corrected, PC version of oneself.
Does this hiding and protecting really benefit us?
Surely there is another human in everyone we meet that is just like us.
None of us is that different that our darkness or shadow is not the same
darkness in others. Why hide this sameness and flaunt our other sameness,
the sameness of lies/masks?
There'd be a lot less judgement in the world if we agreed not to censor ourselves.
Once you've seen the pure and simple human being, it becomes very tedious and
effortful to lie, to constantly embellish some edited version of yourself.
It really uses a lot of energy which could be being applied elsewhere.

If you've forgotten what an unmasked human being looks like, you may want to
check out the first part of this documentary on a "wild child" named Genie.
Notice how everyone is drawn to her. IMO, it's because she's a real person with no
pretense and we crave connecting with real people.