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Monday, May 23, 2011

an insight into frequency and amplitude

I was practicing DNA replication last night, as I often do, and I was shown something.

I guess I would say it has to do with intensity and intent.
For example, a "weak" thought may not replicate, or maybe only one replication.
But last night I saw multiple replications, like the replications were replicating, and so on,
so it began to grow fractally like a branch:

So I saw this replication as an energy or wave. One dna strand replicating becomes two strands,
and that's a certain amplitude. If the thought is powerful, those two strands will replicate into four,
and so on, creating larger waves/amplitudes. A really powerful thought or intent manifests multiple
replications, so that one might even manifest the thought into mass, as an instantaneous healing, for
example. This is because the thought had enough momentum or force/intent to ignite a mass replication
which is accompanied by a large wavelength and amplitude like we observe in the hertzian band:

See where it shows "proteins" and then lower on the spectrum (to the left) "people".
FYI - radio waves are the same as hertzian.

For frequencies smaller than dna, one might consider the "theosophical" model of the atom.
Looks alot like dna. Imagine this atom replicating:

I don't know if you recall some of my earlier posts on Ouroboros as fractal and holographic
and the smaller entities dreaming together to become larger entities, but that is replicating as well.
Or as the Emerald Tablet puts it: "mediation of the One".
The All-One is a replicating electromagnetic spectrum. What we see as our world are replicating
holographic fragments of the All-One, or "dreams", thoughts, ideas, images, etc.

Thought = Thoth = Mercury = Prima Materia = Prime Mover, etc.

One can also see these replication waves as notes and octaves. Remember the atomic model with
electron shells? There are seven potential shells - an octave!

As above, so below:

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  1. This thought, come across by the borderlines, has given birth to itself. This way, an orgy of waves turns into energy, a very special wave in which six points converge into a focus. A fiery ladder that joins conciousnes and matter.