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With much love, Serpentrio Arquila

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Love - Part 3

Well, it's February. What more can I say on love?

Unconditional love is ultimately the unconditional recognition of Oneness/Allness.
It is seeing yourself in others and others in yourself. But I do not mean just people.
I do not consider you just a person in a body. You are the entire spectrum, the All.
And everything that exists exists within this spectrum that is you. So Oneness and love are not ideas,
beautiful thoughts or fantasies. It is the unconditional truth.

Love is resonance, and can appear at any level when alignment/recognition occurs. It can be felt.
So when you love your dog or chocolate silk torte, that is one piece of the hologram that is All.
Imagine the whole spectrum resonating in love/self-recognition - I AM.

To view it in negative terms, imagine the absence of fear, separation, otherness, discordia.

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