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Saturday, February 12, 2011

You are Humanity

The pettiness and the greatness of all humanity is mirrored in the individual self, just like a hologram.
In fact, work on the personal self does not truly lead to happiness or peace unless it leads to the human
being, that essence in each of us that is generic, homogeneous and unitive.
It might help to think that you possess two ways of perceiving - as the individual and as all of humanity.
Can you see it? Can you now see why it is said that Jesus died for the sins of the world?
Can you see that to resolve the conflict, the divisions in yourself, is to solve it for humanity?

From the personal view, we may appear better than our neighbors - more wise, more knowing, more
integrated. But from the human view, our division is the same as every division; the wars, violence,
poverty, ignorance, etc, we see in the world about us is our internal strife manifest. We are responsible.
The lack of unity within the individual is reflected in the world at large.

"The experience of responsibility that is being presented here is the experience of awareness
of oneness, awareness that, at the great microcosmic level, we are not separate. So if, in fact, 
we experience this unity, this non-separateness, you cannot help being responsible."
- Ligia Dantes

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