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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fleeing Mercury and approaching Silence

Trying to capture our fugitive is like trying to approach silence, which is like trying
to make two similar poles of two magnets touch - they just keep repelling.
Our volatile Mercury is diffused throughout all of creation. In concentrating/fixing it
there is a reciprocating volatilization of creation and the simultaneous diffusion of
the alchemist/ego from word into silence.
Consider that silence cannot be approached; the very motion of the approachee
"towards" silence is a disturbance/vibration/sound. Silence/Mercury is what remains
when the subject-object relationship collapses/enfolds/implodes. It is the triumphant/
victorious One; always the "last man standing".
In the same way "new" is never "old". New can never be known; to know it is to
make it old. New cannot be grasped by the mind/knowledge which is always old/
past/accumulated. Why put new wine into old wineskins?
Consider likewise that the Philosophical Mercury is not made manifest by a process
of accumulation, but appears spontaneously, miraculously. The best chemists can think
about how to accomplish this and never know it.

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