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Monday, December 12, 2011

A stretching exercise :)

I believe I've written about the upside-down tree and the hanging man before.
In a way, this is related - how upside-down and inside-out and backwards
we have things.

It is a common view, I believe, that one is a spirit and/or soul trapped inside a body.
Is it not more accurate that the body is inside of spirit?

Or, if you prefer, not a consciousness inside a body, but the body is inside consciousness.

How does that feel for you? Big difference, huh.  :)

Another exercise:

Let's call the center spirit/mercury, the radius an individual soul/sulphur and where
the radius touches the circumference we'll call body/salt.

When we withdraw awareness from the manifest circumference and go within to the
center, we can then realise the all:

Your center is the All-center. Mercury is One. Your source is the One source of All.

To be clear, the exercise is to return to the One center and then creep back towards
manifestation as the All, following All radii instead of just your one personal individual radius.

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