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Monday, May 14, 2012


You are everything.
Realise the significance of being the microcosm - it's all you.
You are consciousness.
You are time.
You are dimension.

Let me say that another way for perspective.
You are not IN time. You ARE time.
You are not IN the cosmos. You ARE the cosmos.
You are not IN a dimension. You ARE the dimensions.

You do not achieve a state of now/presence;
you ARE now/presence, and everything issues from you/now/presence presently.

From now, one thinks of the past and future or "enters" the dimensions or alternate
states of awareness/consciousness. And all those things are you.
The now portal is you.
If you only become more deeply aware of yourself, you will simultaneously
become more aware of time, dimension, consciousness, "God", because these
are not other than you.

The "other than you" idea sets up an unnecessary struggle between you and the other,
be it time, dimension, consciousness, cosmos...
The idea of God, the idea of consciousness, of time, of dimension... all ideas...
the idea is an abstraction. You are the present reality. You are the direct
unmediated essential.

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