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With much love, Serpentrio Arquila

Saturday, May 19, 2012


The words are concepts - we can argue the words, but they are only pointing to what
cannot be ex-pressed or conceptualised. Do not be fooled or taken or lost by the words.
It's what cannot be said that I am trying to say.

Everything must be verified by you. You must look for yourself.
My words are nothing compared to what you can do.
Seeing is the change; realisation comes with awareness.
Awareness is not caused by comprehension or understanding.
Your mind cannot reason this - it cannot be grasped.
The greatest poet cannot convey the sweetness of fruit like your own tongue.

"Burn your books and whiten your laton."
Why should I define "laton"?
If you look, it is obvious what must be whitened/calcined on the ashes of these books.

The homonculus is an empty shell of a human being. It is oneself stripped of all things,
all concepts, all time, all meaning... the black phase, the dark k/night.
And then, like the Frankenstein monster, it must be given new life.
We must breathe life into it - the spirit must descend upon it.
And from this spirit it must form a heart. The word is written on our hearts, not in books.
The words are your very heart-strings, your flesh and blood and sinew and bone...
let these be your words. Let the seeing of truth be its own action/verbum.

Do you see how we kill ourselves... we wash ourselves... we burn ourselves...
and a phoenix rises from the ashes.

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