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With much love, Serpentrio Arquila

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The way of love

Have you ever loved?
Have you ever been unable to stop thinking of someone?
Have you ever imagined you cannot live without your beloved?
It's true.
But perhaps you have not realised who the Eternal Beloved is.
Did you ever love from a distance?
Did you ever know the pain of love unreturned?
Did you ever worship a person that didn't even know you exist?
Then imagine how the Eternal Beloved dreams of embracing you.
Won't you gaze inward and behold the face of the One who dreamed you?
If you saw this face, you would never see anything else.
There is no other love.
All else is but an emanation of this Eternal Love.

Can you hear what I am saying?
This is not an abstraction!
Turn around without your face and see who sees from behind your eyes!
There is no Yoga (Union) but this.
Shiva and Shakti, face to face, lingam penetrating yoni, yoni receiving lingam.
Shivering Universe - can you feel it?!
Are you trembling?
This orgasm is unending!!

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