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Monday, December 6, 2010


From some perspectives, it seems that there are few things as wonderful as being in love.
But most of the time we watch this love turn into something else, or be replaced by something else...
sometimes jealousy, sometimes taking for granted, sometimes co-dependence, 
sometimes a 'team' to pay bills and maintain the family's needs, sometimes hatred...
More often than not, being "IN" love is replaced by "I love you", which can be very different things.
You can still say "I love you" and mean it and believe it while falling into any of the above categories I mentioned.
"I love you" can be for "all the years/experiences we've had" and not be IN love anymore, hearts beating, passion...

You know I'm a word-smith. Something people rarely realize is that passion is the opposite/complement of action.
Passion is passive, action is active. But people don't think that way - they think passion is active;
they try to DO passion instead of letting passion DO you.
You don't make yourself be IN love; you just find yourself IN love.
And why do we so frequently find ourselves OUT of love?
Because we falsely/mistakenly identify love with a personality.
We say "I am in love with Kim" or "I am in love with Greg".
But there is no "I" in love; the "I" is not what loves.
Love loves! And love loves itself! Love falls in love with love!
That's all that's ever happening! The "I"s just get in the way and fuck things up.
Love begins relationships and one "I" or two "I"s end them.
The "I" was never capable of love.
So "I" love "you" is doubly wrong and very difficult to maintain and even if you manage to
maintain it you probably fall out of love.

If two people could see that "Love loves Love" instead of "I love you", that could be an amazing relationship.
What freedom! What ease!

Please read these enlightened words of Kahlil Gibran on Love:

Think of how different the world would be if people knew that Love was loving love.
How could there be an ending to Love loving love?
There's only endings to "I love you".
Passion is passive. 

It's the same with non-duality's perception on meditation:
If YOU are meditating, then you're doing it wrong.
Meditation does you.

Try applying the same PASSION to sex, work, etc...

Some of you may notice a conflict - "we're not supposed to let things DO us...
We're supposed to be in control, use our will, create reality and not be a victim of it..."

Are you sure? Consider how to exercise will without an "I". Can you do it?
This "I" will be the death of you.

Love loving love...
Life living life....
Sacrifice your free will. That is the secret.

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