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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Death

Evolution, or spiritual growth, is a process of accumulation and shedding/relinquishment.
The farther I go into "spiritual realms", the more inapplicable my knowledge becomes, like nothing could
prepare one. For a certain span after one realizes one's ignorance, one spends a lot of time acquiring
knowledge. This is necessary, but unfortunately useless when one enters other dimensions.
So little of what we've acquired is essential for life in the spirit. This is why it is termed a death and
a rebirth. Everything is shed like a serpent's skin.
Let me give an example of what it's like. In the "lower" three realms of hertzian, infrared and visible light,
one is acquiring. But all this is shed if one is to go beyond the light. None of the previous is any longer
applicable. It's like conceiving dimensions - the first three are easy, like adding on (acquiring) right angles
to get length, height and breadth/width of a cube per se. But who can draw the fourth dimension? Where
do we add the next line or right angle? No. One has to go completely outside the box to continue evolving...
A quantum leap onto a parallel line which never crosses the previous three lines which can be easily
braided together.

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