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Monday, March 28, 2011

On judgement and discrimination

The more I see of the All-One, the less I see of good and bad, right and wrong, should and shouldn't, etc...
what I call judgement.
Discrimination is a word I apply to checking oneself - for example, to discriminate or discern between
what is judgement and what is discrimination/discernment.
The easiest way for me to know the difference is by noticing the degree of subjectivity/objectivity.
Also, if you feel emotional or defensive about your view, that is a sure sign it is subjective and personal.
Real truth doesn't need to be defended; and one who sees truth doesn't waste time trying to show it
or prove it to one who doesn't see. That is not to imply a hierarchy or superiority - it is simply
acknowledging a fact or wisdom which the seer has lived and learned. If the seer is truly wise and
loving, s/he bows to the Isness, to the seeing, in silent acknowledgement. If still tinged with judgement,
s/he will make a comment like: "Someday, you'll see/understand." which does imply hierarchy. The
purest and best I know is to trust in "the Divine Plan", by which I mean simply whatever is - a person
is always exactly where they need to be. A true seer won't suggest that another should be somewhere
else or know something else.
If you are wise and love your own journey (love and wisdom = philosophia) then you have seen that
every step was essential, no matter how ignorant it may have been at the time or in hindsight. And a true
seer who is wise loves others as oneself, giving them the same freedom to discover themselves and
discover the way. The way is always your own way, your experience, your wisdom.
That leads to what I wanted to say on judgement. A wise person sees that one cannot judge another.
One simply doesn't have the proper context - that is, the context of the person one is claiming to judge!
What good is a judgement which comes from outside of a person's life? It is simply inapplicable.
And to those who listen to the judgements of others: you will be worse off than you were. That is the
view from one who has learned to be one's own authority. But of course, listening to the judgements of
others is a perfectly essential place to be for some people/souls and I am not suggesting you be elsewhere
(which would make me a hypocrite). I am only pointing out different perspectives. If you possess the
ability to choose a different perspective, then so be it. But generally it is not so - one doesn't choose,
but rather one is forced by Spirit (who is sometimes called Circumstance, sometimes Death - Spirit has
many faces).

I'd like to use Carlos Castaneda as an argument, to make my point on context. One can find many
negative comments about this man and his life on the internet. To me, if these people are hurt, or surprised
or shocked or appalled by CC's behavior, or sit in judgement, then they did not pay attention to his books
where he very thoroughly described the context in which he lived. For example, many discuss whether
CC was a charlatan or not, whether his books are true. But if you read the books they say the world one
perceives is only a description, one among millions of descriptions. One will also read that there is no
such thing as a lie in a warrior's life, or that no one is doing anything to any body - there are no victims.
So to call him a liar or charlatan, one has to ignore the many descriptions of Carlos' world and do the
easy (mechanical) thing - apply/project one's own world description which says all these things are
There's much talk of Carlos' sexual habits, much judgement. But if you read the books you see that CC
repeatedly was attracted to the ways of the Old sorcerers, despite DJ's warnings. And one also reads
that a man can receive energy from a woman for 7 years by depositing his sexual "hooks" in her womb.
So why the surprise? the offense? the judgement? CC acted consistently with a sorcerer's behavior.
One can only judge when one ignores the context he gave in his books and stubbornly and ignorantly
applies one's own context to a being who was anything but orthodox.

Ok. I'm nearly finished on judgement. One more thing...
A dog bites a person and some will say it's a bad dog. But if the dog was trained to bite people, then we
must say it is a well-trained dog! Context again. But aren't we all trained to do what we do? That is, until
we wake up and live by present truth. So if people are doing what they are trained to do, whether trained
by others or by oneself, what has it to do with good and bad? What need for judgement?

So judgement accompanies a lack in communication - not hearing or seeing another's context but
projecting your own. In this infinite universe, all contexts are valid and true, but perhaps not applicable. :)

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