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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

crowns - part 2

I saw last night why crowns are often shaped like this:

And the fool/joker's hat:

American Indian headdress:

(remember: bird feathers = serpent/dragon/fish scales = tree leaves = mason bricks... etc.)

The points are diamond shaped (dia monde = between worlds) and essentially are mimicking
the lotus of the crown chakra.

The six pointed crown is especially significant as our sal harmoniac/asterix:

I've recently said a bit about this asterix, the cube, the three dimensions cross.
It also represents  the union of fire and water triads - our fiery water, shamayim, heaven.

Last night I saw this connection to the right and left side awarenesses of Castaneda. I'll
give this generic description for simplicity:

tonal (1st attention, known, right side awareness, left-brain)
nagual (2nd attention, unknown, left side awareness, right-brain)

So one can easily see these two (sides of the torus) as fire and water, and a merging or bridging of
the brains two hemispheres as shamayim (hebrew for fire and water, means 'heaven', quintessence...)

I've also been studying asterism in quartz and gemstones:

Also consider the diagram of an atom/Adam and the merkabah:

And back to the crown (chakra) which unfolds like a flower (of life):

If the circles are replaced with hexagrams, we have the mentioned diamond shape
(something like this):

I may lose some pics and have to come back again. We'll see.

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