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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

a "mantra" exercise

Here is another good exercise or option.

I kind of make my "mantra" "How do you know?".

By mantra, I do not mean mindless repetition or chanting, or even mindful chanting,
but rather mindful observation and what Castaneda would call "stalking oneself".
So the mantra part, the words, are the trap or alarm clock one sets to snare the hare,
i.e. catch a habit/rabbit, an unconscious mechanical doing/assembling.
Ok, back to the exercise:
I kind of make my "mantra" "How do you know?".

Which means, when I am observing myself placing attention or fixating on a description as real,
I catch myself and say, "How do you know that?". And the answer always is that I don't.

This exercise is called 'walking the razor's edge', or the straight and narrow (opposed to extremes,
swinging, emotional investment, etc). By not knowing, things and yourself become undefined
and a lot of the past can be dropped and room made for the new and more energy available to
handle/maintain/endure it. This "attitude" or "dreaming platform" opens up obstructions caused by
knowledge, believing and doing.

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