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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Atlas and Baphomet

In becoming familiar with the yin and the yang of things, one meets the
archetypal energies of Atlas and Baphomet.

Atlas is the greek Titan who pushes the sky/heavens away from the earth.

The egyptian counterpart is Shu.

Baphomet, in contrast, is uniting heaven and earth, the above and below.

This is also represented in Arcanum 1, the magician.

In the hebrew autiot (letter-numbers) Atlas is Tav and Baphomet is Aleph.

That is, the alpha and omega.

There is a force of materialism that wants to keep heaven away (Atlas) and
there is a force of spiritualism that wants to unite the heaven and earth (Baphomet).

One is neither good or bad. They alternate/cycle over time.

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