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Friday, September 2, 2011


"Intension" is a play on words, a union between intent/intention and tension.

Yin and yang, female and male, cold and hot, wet and dry, moon and sun, mercury and sulfur...

"The opposites complement each other. Yet their balance, their equilibrium, is not a passive one.
They do not lie side by side in peaceful co-existence. Their balance comes from dynamic tension,
from the constant struggle of the one to overcome the other. Their energy, the very life energy of
the universe, arises from contest and from combat. They each wish to eradicate the other and be
supreme, yet they cannot, for the very simple reason that nature, the Tao, has placed a part of the
other at the heart of each of them. Thus, as they reach their zenith, they peak and begin their decline,
allowing the other to rise."
- Martin Palmer, Yin and Yang

"It is the purpose of all ciphers to invest a few signs with much meaning. A peculiarity of the Book
of Genesis is that it begins with a very strict and close code and gradually develops and unfolds its
fifty chapters through symbols and allegories and finally through semi-historical tales.
In the severity of its beginning, in its first chapter, in its first verse, in its first sequence of letter-numbers,
is the seed, and in the seed is the whole. This whole can be (and is expected to be) grasped in the
Bayt-Raysh-Aleph-Sheen-Yod-Tav of Bereshyt. This sequence is in the Revelation and is the
Revelation, and those who grasp it are in the Revelation and are, in action the Revelation itself.
It is in effect a formula, or rather a fundamental equation of the interplay between Aleph and Yod.
Aleph, timeless pulsation life-death-life-death, is shown in the first three graphs BaytRaysh-Aleph in
its surging motion of creative energy, and Yod, the evolutionary process of existence is held, so to
speak, between the hammer of cosmic metabolism, Sheen, and the anvil of its resistant container, Tav.
The complete schema goes beyond a mere formula affirming the equivalence of those two terms; its
sweeps beyond every duality by amalgamating Aleph and Yod and making them one. The very
formulation of that equation is therefore its solution. In spite of being introduced by means of an
intellectual approach it can project in us the essential game of life and existence if we will allow it to
break up our every-day linear way of thinking."
- Carlo Suares, The Cypher of Genesis

"There are two magnets in man, i.e., two wills contending for man: the one universal, the other particular;
the one related to the Divine Centre, the other to the self centre. Therefore these two contend for the soul. The Hermetic picture of the two dogs, the Corascene dog and that of Armenia, as they sometimes are called, is an illustration of this, as is also the allegory of the Duellum between the two knights; in the common life they are not in contact, they are remote from each other, the one, that related to the self-will, being carried out through the senses; the other,the good life, being hidden and required to be sought out by the will and desire of man turned toward it."
- Mary Ann Atwood, Suggestive Inquiry

"Sattva dominates by suppressing Rajas and Tamas;
Rajas dominates by suppressing Sattva and Tamas;
And Tamas dominates by suppressing Sattva and Rajas, O Arjuna."

- Bhagavad Gita

"An intense and bitter struggle takes place among the first three qualities to permit this God of darkness
to know himself in his potentiality.
  • The first quality will thus correspond to a negative force, to resistance, to a cold fire , responding to the desire of the God of darkness to remain what he is, independent of all manifestation.
  • The second quality will correspond to a positive, fluid force, inclined towards manifestation and thus radically opposed to the first quality: it is like what Boehme called a "furious goad."
  • Then the third quality appears like a reconciling force without which no opening towards manifestation would be possible. The God of the first principle therefore will engage himself in a gigantic struggle with himself.
The merciless struggle among the first three qualities produces a true "wheel of anguish." The world of the first triad of sevenfoldness is a "dark valley," a virtual hell. Boehme speaks of "an anxious horrible quaking, a trembling, and a sharp, opposite, contentious generating." Something must happen to allow the "childbirth," the passage to life, to manifestation."
- Basarab Nicolescu expousing Boehme

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