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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

muscle testing

In my exploration of yin and yang, feng shui, radionics and orgone, I developed a method
using my hands to sense these energies. I wrote of it in The Muse Letters.
Just yesterday I was looking for a specific book on my book shelves and came across
a book I didn't recognize or remember ever seeing before. It is called "Power vs. Force"
by David Hawkins. Just reading the preface was amazing, as I related to many of the description
he gave on his own journey of enlightenment. But the book is mostly about Applied Kinesiology.

So I realised that there is already a lot of people using this as with pendulums and dowsing -
a dowsing of the subconscious mind if you will.
I am not sure if I can endorse this person (Hawkins) but the basic idea of having access to
a relatively objective source of information is where I was being led as well.

You can google "self muscle testing" to find ways to muscle test yourself if interested.
I do not see this as objective truth/knowledge, because the mind and belief can affect muscle
testing and "lie" to oneself, the same way one can fool a lie detector. So while not empirical,
there is something of value here in communicating with the body's knowledge. It's a step,
and an interesting field.

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