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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Communication is governed by Mercury-Hermes-Thoth and air. So you might consider that there is
a "trick" to it. In many ways, successful communication has to do with our new mind.
Most people can't read alchemy and understand it because it is often written in Green language
which requires an analogical mind capable, not of "thinking about", but merging with.
In successful communication, two must merge into one, like Gemini's twins.
Analogical communication also requires that we drop our preconceptions.

Not being able to communicate, misunderstanding, is a sign/curse/consequence of "the Fall".
And it is not a product of merely speaking different languages, as one might interpret the biblical
story of the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9). We could have two "masters" of the English language
that still don't understand one another. On the other hand, we could have a St. Francis capable of
communicating with animals.

So what is communication and why is 'healing' our ability to communicate so important?

For me, when I saw how much communication is assumed to be happening and how much is actually
happening, I felt compelled to do something about it. Why communication breaks down is because
it is packed with subjective associations. If I ask three people to draw me a picture of a cock,
a chicken rancher may draw one thing, a porn star another, and a third may slap me and walk out of
the room: three different reactions to one suggestion. This is a simple example. As Gurdjieff taught,
things can be looked at from many levels:
So here we can see that we can't talk about man as if he were one constant expression, as if everyone
should agree on what a man is and what he can do. Man #1 is quite different from man #2 and
sees/interprets the world quite differently. Even more different is man #4, and #7 is nearly beyond
So it is a great error if man #3 assumes that everyone else sees the world through the intellectual center,
or that this is "the right way" to view the world. How will #1 and #3 communicate? If these cannot
communicate, is it any wonder why "aliens don't make themselves known", or "if there is a god, why
doesn't he/she/it reveal itself?" Perhaps the question should be, "are we capable of receiving their
communication?" rather than assuming that they don't communicate.

So you can see that it takes a bit of self-knowledge even to realize that there is a communication issue,
let alone to begin to correct it.

Are we content to live in a world where we are rarely understood? Is that just the way it is?
Or is there some relatively objective level where we can meet and truly communicate and break this
spell of aloneness?

For me, the objective world exists, but the laborers are few.
Consider telepathy, or even sympathy and empathy, and other forms of NVC (non-verbal communication)
and Robert Monroe's "rotes"...

Consider why Alchemists, Gurdjieff, Robert Monroe, Castaneda, and many more "invented" "new"
languages to communicate their experiences... mercury, the second attention, Focus 15, Kundabuffer...
Why? Perhaps to try to get around the associative mind which assumes it already knows everything.

To be continued...

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