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With much love, Serpentrio Arquila

Saturday, November 20, 2010


There are questions that we answer,
questions left unanswered, and questions unanswerable.

The unanswerable are the best, and the hardest to accept.
What is life? Who am I? What is my purpose? Is there any meaning to it all?

The answer to these questions cannot be written, yet they can be discovered.
And once discovered, they disappear into the next moment of discovery.
Life leaves no footprints. Followers never live.

It's the unanswerable questions that destroy you, that triturate you,
that pound you to nothing. Who am I to interview infinity?

I have reached out to you, but grasped nothing.
I have visited you, searching for some reflection, only to be swallowed in utter darkness.
How can you forsake me when I am your only son?

So I walk into the wild, alone.
Alone? How can I feel so alone when I only exist relative to something else?
Unanswerable questions. You are driving me mad, you know.

I must live again.
And to live I must die.

Another unanswerable question... how to die?
But it can be discovered.

I love you Hermes.
I love you, you elusive, mother fucking, serpentine temptress, trickster...
The search is over.
You win.
I have no more burning questions.
The flame has gone out.

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