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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Experience of Oneness and Connectedness

I've been studying Alchemy and Spagyrics for... I guess 15 years or so, but more intensively and practically for the last four years. I'm 42 and i have to say that in my case Schwaller was pretty dead on when he told VandenBroeck that a man can do nothing until he's 42. I've been a student of everything metaphysical, at times in my life diving deeply into Yoga/Pranayama, Quantum physics, Carlos Castaneda, Gurdjieff, of course Alchemy, both Krishnamurtis and finally seeming to be content with Advaita/Nonduality. The many but brief experiences of connectedness I've had in my life appear to be 'fixing' themselves to some degree that I can now enter levels of connectedness by intending it. Allow me to describe this experience. 

I understand, first hand (direct experience) that the Ouroboros is solve-coagula. It is also 'One the All'. I know it as the electro-magnetic spectrum. The Australian aborigines call it The Rainbow Serpent, because it is a spectrum of waves - from the very small "cosmic" waves to the very large Hertzian waves. And the Serpent swallows its tail where the infinitely large and the infinitely small are no different from one another. This is my experience, not something I read in a book. 

So at various "levels" the serpent frequency manifests as various entities. For example, quarks are in there somewhere, and they get together and dream a proton, and protons, along with neutrons, electrons, photons... dream atoms, and atoms dream together to make molecules - let's say hydrocarbons, and HCs dream together to make proteins, which dream together and make amino acids, which dream together to make RNA/DNA, which dream an amazing variety of organic life, which at some point evolves into homo sapiens, who dream together to create communities, etc...

That in which we live, move and have our being.

Each of these stages is its own dreaming platform and is fractal and holographic, like mercury when you shake it up with vinegar, it divides into hundreds of tiny spheres, each a holographic reflection/mirror, like waves to the ocean (Mer Curris = running sea), or shedding skins of a serpent. Which is of course why all these are used as
symbols to represent "That which is below is like that which is above that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of one only thing. And as all things have been arose from one by the mediation of one: so all things have their birth from this one thing by adaptation." (as I described with the dreaming.)
This Ouroboros is the universe, infinity; and any way it is divided becomes another loop/Ouroboros reality. Consider that "matter" is a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream....
So the dreaming can go centripetal or centrifugal, smaller or larger. One can't really identify/define the source - where the "head" of the serpent is- because of the fractal nature. But as far as we are concerned, one defines it by where one's attention is concentrated: again, solve/coagula... diffusion/concentration... de-emphasize/emphasize...
The invention/intention of "purpose" intends the 'head'/particle/coagula of the serpent/wave/solve. Said in other words, the appearance of the observer collapses infinity into an event (the observed).

As humans capable of self-reflection (mirror), we can "know ourselves" as the One the All and dream any level we so choose - reprogram our DNA, experience ourselves as light bodies, or galaxies, etc, etc...
Self-reflection closes the loop - the head swallows the tail - man (manifestation) "knows himself" as "God" (the whole); he wakes up from sleep and participates as co-creator of the dream.

Most of the time I still go about my days imagining myself a separate entity. But when i focus on it, I can see the River/Ouroboros and remember I am connected and feel pretty peaceful. And then there's times that I really focus on it so that I am not seeing it but enter into the Stream and begin moving into nearby neighborhoods which is kind of scary and feels like dying (I imagine), though I am getting more comfortable with it and more assured that I will come back if I choose to. I've had a few out-of-body experiences in my life, but this is different in that I am really aware of the moments of drifting away, and I'm not leaving my body but rather losing what I generally know as my integrity or self.

To perceive the connectedness, the oneness of the different manifestations or degrees of frequency/vibration... to realize you are dreaming, and you are the dream... The dream dreaming itself... That "events" are places where time loops intersect/interact... That the Ouroboros/serpent is dreaming the worlds into being where one portion of the spectrum of frequency/time interacts with another portion of itself at a different freq/time...

Can you see it? Can you feel it?

When you perceive this interconnection, then you are unable to believe in division, unable to judge anything... you connect to the whole and all there is is variety, differences... not good or bad or better... Jacob's ladder can be translated as being hierarchical, but it is not so in itself - that is a projection. It's really a loop without beginning or end. However it "began", there is no use searching for the beginning now... there isn't one; it stretches fractally up and down, as above so below, as below so above... infinite smallness in the black hole being one side of the cloth - infinite largeness of the telstar/white hole being the other.
To "invent"/imagine a beginning/source is to define a dream/world from one's present perspective.

So who is the dreamer and who is the dream? Are you dreaming this world? Or are DNA dreaming you? Are photons dreaming DNA? Yes, it's all of this: One the All. An awakened being can dream forwards or backwards - s/he can change the direction of time. Your DNA did dream/evolve you. And now you can dream them. A dreamer is a time-traveller.

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