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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Communication - Part 4

Communication is happening all the time, whether you intend it or not.
Being aware of what is being communicated determines the quality of life.
We are communicating with Spirit all the time - two ways (sending and receiving) - we are constantly
announcing to Spirit who we are (by our actions) and Spirit is constantly affirming who we say we are.
(I recall a catchy phrase often used by some extra-terrestrial 'walk-ins' - "The Universe constantly
rearranges Itself to accommodate your picture of reality.")
So if you don't like what you see, what the Universe is telling you, you have to look at what you
are telling the Universe.

We are communicating with the air around us constantly, inhaling and exhaling. Do you know how to
interpret this communication? Do you know how to enhance it?

We are receiving impulses through the 5 senses almost constantly, but we almost never listen, not
to mention a 6th sense.

When we eat food, do we remember to savor? Do you talk with the spirit of the cocoa plant
when you take a bite of chocolate? What more does the coffee bean have to tell? Do you listen
to the nicotiana spirit as you take your cigarette break? Are you even aware that communication
is happening? Do you realise what more can be known when you truly enter communion with life?

What isn't communication? When does this not apply?
Communication is the acknowledgement of Oneness in our dream of separation.
It is a Holy ceremony/sacrament.

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