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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

On Dreaming

Look around. Take notice. We are surrounded by dreams.
Every thing you see exist because it was dreamed/imagined first.
Don't just agree with me. Participate. Make sure you are convinced.
Search the items of your surroundings... can you find one that was not first dreamed?
Most of the items we encounter are the dreams of mankind... the computer, the house,
cars and roads, buildings, appliances, tools, dinnerware, books... etc.
Some things we encounter are "natural"... rocks, trees, birds, clouds...
these are not the dreams of mankind, but of something else.

To quote Paracelsus:
"Man is a materialised thought; he is what he wills. To change his nature from the mortal to the immortal state he must change his material mode of thinking, and even rise above the sphere of thought. He must cease to hold fast in his thoughts to that which is illusory and perishing, and hold on to that which is eternal. The visible universe is a thought of the eternal mind thrown into objectivity by its will, and crystallised into matter by its power. Look at the everlasting stars; look at the indestructible mountain-peaks. They are the thoughts of the universal mind, and they will remain as long as the thoughts of that mind do not change. If we could hold on to a thought we would be able to create. But who but the enlightened, who live above the region of mentality in the kingdom of spirit, can hold on to a thought? Are not the illusions of the senses continually destroying that which we attempt to create? Men do not think what they choose, but that which comes into their mind. If they could control the action of their mind by rising above it, they would be able to control their own nature and the nature by which their forms are surrounded."

Do you see that if you want to change your reality, you must dream it first?
So what is this dreaming? Well, everything is dreaming. But there are levels...

Einstein - "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking that created them."
Paracelsus - "A strong will subdues a weaker one, and therefore the first necessary condition for the purpose of producing magic effects is the development of the will." 

Consider this, not as man versus man, but as internal:
For example, "wanting" is a mode of dreaming, but it is a "weaker will" than Intent.
Wanting is the dream/Intent of not having, of lack - therefore it manifests lack and not
the thing you are wanting.
Thinking is also a far weaker will than dreaming/Intent.
Imagination is another word used, but this, too, spans various degrees of will.
For example, daydreaming is a weaker will than conscious visualisation.

As with alchemy, this is very difficult to communicate to those who don't already know.
So let's take a look at the qualities associated with proper dreaming. What first comes
to mind is the work of Emile Coue who investigated the subconscious and is accredited
with the discovery of positive affirmation. There are (simplified) three rules to apply:

1. the affirmation/dream must be positive. That is, you don't want to affirm/dream 
something like "I do not want to have nightmares", but rather "my dreams are safe and 
beautiful". The point is, the word "not" has no meaning to the subconscious. All it knows is
you are intending nightmares; you are thinking about them, fearing them, disliking them,
not wanting them... all this feeds the nightmare reality with your energy/attention.
2. the affirmation/dream must be present tense. That is, don't affirm/dream/intend
"I will be healthy". All the subconsious knows from this is that you are not healthy NOW,
and it will manifest that reality. Keep it present: "I am healthy". I'm going to bend this
rule a little bit and also offer "I have always been healthy." Observe how each feels.
3. The third "P" is keep it personal. That is, invest your energy - this dream must have
meaning to you, even if you've seen that nothing means anything! :) If you want to undream,
eliminate meaning, if you want to dream, introduce meaning.

What else? Surely you've heard of the power of belief, but this word must be investigated.
What commonly passes as belief is a "weaker will" than knowing/dreaming/Intent. The
same enquiry must be made about faith and trust. Hope, wish, faith, trust, belief... don't
they imply something outside of you, some dependancy on some greater power. Well, this
is true and untrue - outside of your ego/personality, but not outside of your divinity. So we
see that the power/degree of dreaming is related to how you identify yourself, and if you're
not identified with the Divinity, your dreaming will be a "weaker will". The greatest
dreaming comes from your experience of Oneness/connectedness - Ouroboros, "One, the All". On the other hand, "little old you" asking "big Old God" works very poorly unless one
feels a connection. So one can't really define these words as they have different intensities
according to the operator and her self-knowledge. So please inquire into this.

I haven't nearly covered all that I want to. Part 2 will soon follow.
Reflections on The Sermon on the Mount also reveal alot about proper dreaming and intent:

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