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Friday, January 7, 2011

From the Father to his son...

I notice this phrase, not only in alchemy but in many mystical traditions.
Like one interpretation of Kabbalah is "to receive".
One gets the idea that these are things past on by word of mouth, from a
father to his son, from a master to his disciple, a teacher to student.
Sometimes it is emphasized that these things are never written down.

Today when I saw this phrase in the title of an alchemical tract, I saw something new.
I usually interpreted it as the teacher's writing to be read by the student.
But today the student and teacher were one. That is, I was looking at the recorded
[record (v.) - early 13c., "to get by heart," from O.Fr. recorder "repeat, recite, report," from L. recordari "remember, call to mind," from re- "restore" (see re-) + cor (gen. cordis) "heart" (as the metaphoric seat of memory, cf. learn by heart); see heart. Meaning "set down in writing" first attested c.1300; that of "put sound or pictures on disks, tape, etc." is from 1892.]
event or communication between a man and his God.

In other words, this phrase and the reception alluded to are not necessarily describing the communication
between two human beings, but often between God and self/heart, the Holy Guardian Angel and man, or
whatever words you choose to describe your connection with Divinity, the One Mind, etc...

This also relates to the practice of an initiate to ascribe or author his own work under the name of some
divinity, such as Hermes, Jesus, etc. They are having a vision, experiencing a connection, and being the
receiver and transmitter of the message simultaneously.

I do this myself sometimes. A simple form in which this occurs is that I'll be imagining writing a blog to
share with you guys, or having a conversation with a friend, or sometimes sitting in an audience of a
Mystery School, or talking with an Initiate, or meeting in Invisible College...
There is a moment where imagination becomes vision, where thinking becomes seeing, where binary mind
becomes analogical, and the dream takes on a life of its own. Depending on how much one knows Oneness,
this can be seen as a communication between two, or one. For me, more and more I see the Oneness - that
I am teaching myself - connecting to the Infinite, accessing subconscious DNA memory, etc... Sometimes
I am floored/amazed by my knowledge. I feel I'm such a different person than I used to be - so much has
changed, and yet so little.

Here's a thought/vision that may connect you to Oneness:
A tree lets fall many seeds and these become new trees - NEW but not SEPARATE.
The mind imagines separation. Well, it's separate and it isn't. I'll leave it at that.
In the same way, if you are alive today, which you are if you're reading this, you are the seedlings of
generations. Your DNA knows what everyone before you knew. And not only linearly - not limited to
your family tree, which alone is IMMENSE. But DNA is plants and animals too. This is why you can become
a tree or a crow or whatever, shamanically.

So your personal knowledge is however large or small...
Your family tree is larger...
Organic life is larger still...
And the Oneness goes even further - DNA is made of molecules, atoms, light...
Light is information. All these stages of manifestation are information. You can access it because IT IS YOU.
You are a manifestation of Ouroboros, One the All.
A specific manifestation, but also generically and wholistically unspecified,
depending on your focus/Intent/emphasis/identity/dreaming.

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