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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

dimensionality continued...

The mind is a dimension in itself. Every thought points to self.
The mind can be harnessed, programmed, reprogrammed, but there is no program
for stepping outside of thought/mind.
Thought cannot tell us who we are. It can only describe fragments, isolated from the totality.
The mind is a self-fulfilling reality - a reality that agrees with itself that it is real.
There are many rays or lines of mind that form the mental plane,
and that entire plane is but one line within another plane.

Some people speak of ego as that petty and self-important expression of the self.
Ego simply means "I". The grandest and most noble expressions of the self are still ego,
still defining a separate "I".
Thought, mind, self, ego, time, the past, knowledge... these are simultaneous co-arising.
Many are engaged in the work of refining the ego self, self-improvement or betterment...
becoming more this or that, more spiritual, more good, more loving, more knowledgeable, etc.
That is not bad or wrong - Jung comes to mind: "I'd rather be whole than good."
It is a matter of accurate seeing of what is: programming the self to emphasize the good
and de-emphasize the bad is still promoting a separate self, and it is this separation,
or sense of it, that manifests as the search, desire which leads to pain, etc -
The imaginary separate ego-self chasing its own tail: the human drama.

What isn't mind? The seeing of it.
What stops the mind? The comprehension of it. Saturation.

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