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Thursday, June 2, 2011


While I argue with the "science" of this...
(hydrogen is atomic mass 1 = Aleph, not Yod/10,
and oxygen's atomic mass at 15.999 has to be 16 = 7 = Zain, not Vav/6,
and what about Phosphorus - you can't have DNA without phosphorus!)
... I do see something to it - I have seen DNA as "God", creator, that which we return to on a certain level,
collector of soul experience, etc.

What interests me about this is that for the second time in my life of studying alchemy, it has lead me
into theurgy, this time from a different direction.

Another confirmation of this came from my study of Carlo Suares' works and his code for the autiot.
In the books you see that this One thing is always evolving according to the genesis of names, and
that it is always being challenged to adapt and be stronger, like DNA has to survive and evolve.

more later...

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