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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

practical dimensionality

In what appears to be the average mode of mind people utilise, we have an array or field
of judgements and measurements to be made. Let's say on the far left we have wrong or bad
or incorrect, unacceptable or whatever, and on the far right we have right and good and correct,
acceptable, and many lines or degrees in between, something like this:

File:Animated Aston Martin Speedometer.gif

You can see the range of our measurements encompasses a 2 dimensional plane.

And when we change a judgement into something more akin to Oneness,
such as "It's all good", or "It just is", or "It is what it is", etc, we have reduced this 2 dimensional
plane of infinite lines into one line. We have resolved an entire world of judgements into Oneness,
Isness and acceptance.

This is one way to actually practice dimensionality in your life.

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