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Sunday, June 5, 2011

the image of God

What do you think?
God/Elohim created man in his image?
or God/Elohim created man as his image?

a world of difference :)


  1. Now you ask, Serpentrio, I've realized what my answer is (for the time being). I appreaciate the effort you're putting in developing this inspirational blog.

    God's image would be the Elohim, a plural entity being begotten by the ONE. So, both expressions are correct, but I would say: God created man in(side) his image. And the Elohim (executor arms of God, but differentiated of Him) would create man as his (their) image.

    Intereting word IMAGE.
    I-MAKE (performing, executioner)
    IM-AGE (time denial, timeless)
    I-MAG-E. (transformational)

    Shame I don't know Hebrew!? :)

  2. I would have to say both
    Regards from rebis

  3. man's the image
    Elohim are the mirror
    god is the one with wit enough to do it (the previous) possible


  4. For me, "IN His image" suggests or allows separation from God, whereas "AS His image" says that we are God, suggests connectedness.
    In the first, we can interpret that there is a God "out there" and It created us in His image - we are LIKE It, but separate from it. "AS His image", to me, implies that there was an imageless God and in order to manifest it unfolded as us. :)

  5. Hey dear friend,

    Great blog :)

    As, or In, both are good for me :) Nothing here cannot not be at the image of God :) But only in a particular way, not a universal one !