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Thursday, July 5, 2012


Adam, in hebrew ADM.
The word is also associated to the color red.
If you were to define existence by color vibration, red is the lowest in the spectrum.
This signifies incarnation, physical being.
Another way to divide/divine the word is Aleph in DM, DM being the hebrew word
for blood: the unthinkable Aleph in the blood as man/ADM.

Adam has a dual existence signified by the Mfinal.
Which is to say, ordinarily M has a value of 40, but at the end of a word the value is 600.
As ADM-40, M is a further expression of D (4) which is an archetype of resistance/stability.
M (40) is the waters of life. M (600) is the cosmic extension of 6 (Vau) which is the
archetype of union, or an impregnating force. 600 is the value of Kosmos.
So we see here the potential paths of man/ADM as the son of man (ADM-40) in a state of
dual resistance, or as the son of God (ADM-600) in a state of union with the pregnant Kosmos.

Coincidentally, we have the schema AVM which, although associated with Hindu mysticism,
reveals the unthinkable Aleph in Kosmic sacred marriage - vibration of the Universe, indeed.
This is our expression when we replace resistance (D) with union (V). ADM becomes AVM.

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