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Thursday, July 5, 2012

communicating with crop circles

Aren't crop circles fascinating!?
And very humbling when you realise you can't read them -
someone in the universe speaks this language.
When will you?

This language is so different than ours. Yes, some of them employ
codes we can decipher, but mainly they are not rational or linear -
they are meant to be felt, merged with, intuited, silent knowledge.
Imagine language has dimensions. Reading these isn't about being smart.
We think of advanced civilisations and we think of ourselves down the
road in a hundred or a thousand years. But don't think linear; it's dimensional.
They're not using the same cognitive system that currently dominates us.

Be astonished. Admire them. Love them...
And see what comes to you. Try to avoid thinking and "figuring them out".
Just open to them.

Here's some that I like:

Many crop circles have a six/hex cubic theme. Six is a perfect number.
Realise what that means - it's not just an arbitrary statistic: "We would have
come across a perfect number eventually. Six just happens to be the first."
No, no! Communicate. Ask six to tell you who s/he is.
What do we know about six? If we write it down how many pages can we fill?
Not many. But six is an encyclopedia of wisdom. How does 6 communicate?
Do numbers speak english? No. So what do you 'listen' with? Find out!

Do you see the spiralling cubes (above pic)? They start around the very center,
and expand with each set of six circles by giving dimension to the hexagons.
There are thirteen major ones, each have two primary, two secondary, and two
tertiary satellites. Focus in on the cube made of the 6 largest circles/spheres which
have equal diameter to the central sphere. Do you see how the others spheres
distribute through the space in 3-d? Like looking at an electron cloud or moving
through an asteroid belt. There's another pattern in there which I can't begin to
describe. Is it a molecule? Below is calcite, for example.

Notice the different feel of this next one. Some do seem intended for smart people.
What does that tell you about who sent the message? It's really difficult for me to feel
love about this one. I just threw it in as an example. Someone speaks this language.

Some make it easier on us and communicate in binary code:

Below, the 2-d checkerboeard square and lines are warping as if pulled into a vortex. Is this
someone's DNA? Ours has 64 codons, the 8x8 checkerboard. This checkerboard seems to be
12x12, 144 codons? Maybe not intended to be DNA at all.

A Penrose triangle - impossible structure in three dimensions. So often they seem
to encourage us to explore other dimensions.


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