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Thursday, July 12, 2012

lovers of truth

I wasn't sure what to call this post. That's as good a title as any.
When you've finished this post, the meaning will hopefully be clear.

The following is a 14 minute video by Jeff Foster on nonduality and ADMITTANCE.

We see that "admitting the truth" is being present/nondual.

This also coincides with the Qabalistic Shekinah - ShKINH.
This is one of the hebrew words for "the presence" (of God).
I thought it of interest that the root KN has the colloquial meaning "Yes, this is so."

Perhaps this is the intended meaning of AMN, "so be it", the "hidden" god.


  1. Cool Blog. Are you still investigating what is truth? I appreciate this link. Many people realize the Oneness point, but never bring it through Equality into a living application of doing what is best for all. There's a cool blog over at Directive Dynamics (wordpress) that I think you would dig.

  2. Hello do you have email?