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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Unconditional Love

We don't begin to understand what this means.
So let's begin - from the master kabbalist, Carlos Suares:

"An important postulate of the Yetsira is: Aleph with everything and everything with Aleph: Bayt with everything and everything with Bayt (or Vayt). Aleph being the timeless, unthinkable, eternal, or explosive Energy (or whichever word we wish to use for what evades all mental concepts) and Bayt (or Vayt) being any container in whatever form, shape vibration, undulation, ray, etc. . . that postulate means -- if I can use an obsolete, inadequate, but convienient set of words -- that everything that is, in whatever realm, is both "spirit" and "matter", or that there is no explosive Energy without compressive Energy, and reciprocally no structural drive without the opposite disintegrating drive. Thus everything that is, is considered by the Yetsira in terms of two co-ordinates, Aleph and Bayt. Where Bayt prevails powerfully, as in a piece of iron, Aleph is hopelessly in bondage; it cannot be active; in the biosphere Aleph operates; in the exalted mental emanation of a man made perfect, Aleph operates through time and space by means of so subtle mediums that they evade perception. So both Aleph and Bayt exist in different ranges from the inert to the very active. If by any chance one could have in oneself and be made of Aleph alive and Bayt alive, one would be in touch and commune with Aleph wherever it is and with the Bayts, whatever they are, therefore with everything that is. Aleph alive would be Aleph-Hay (Hay: 5 is the sign for life; when Abram is given the life of Aleph he becomes Abraham, with the corresponding added Hay -H in our writing) and Bayt alive would be Bayt-Hay. Therefore Aleph-Hay-Bayt-Hay would be in that person and that person would be in that schema, would be that schema in very truth. That schema, pronounced Ahavah, means LOVE in Hebrew! Its idiomatic meaning is desecrated, as is desecrated the word love everywhere in the world. The stupendous Aleph-Hay-Bayt-Hay was originally a cabalistic opening towards being at-one with all that is."

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